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What to Expect

My goal is to create a relaxed environment for you and your family without feeling time crunched. I prefer to only schedule one session per week so that I may give the editing of each session my full un-rushed attention while also maintaining my family life.


Planning Your Session:

I am an on-location natural light photographer, so most of my session are outdoors, preferably in the evening to catch the beautiful light at sunset. However, if you have an indoor location in mind or a different time frame needed or wanted, I will be happy to work with you! I want your session to be a non-stressful fun experience in order to capture your family at their natural relaxed best. Most of all, I strive to have the photos reflect your family's personality. So, please, if there is a location that would be meaningful to you, or an item(s) you would like to have in the photos, or a family activity you'd like to capture, speak up! This is YOUR custom shoot, so feel free to make requests and suggestions!


Have a blemish(es)? Did your child manage to bruise or scrape themselves up before the shoot? No problem! My rule-of-thumb for retouching is that I will fix anything (without being asked) that won't be there in a month. Is there something more permanent that you would like to discuss retouching? Please let me know! Most retouching is complimentary.


During Your Session:

My full-session will be approximately 60-90 minutes, although not strictly timed. I take a mixture of lifestyle and posed shots. Don't worry if your kiddo has a melt-down or doesn't seem to be cooperating. We've all been there, and that's one of the reasons why I schedule such a broad window (that and weather issues). We will just redirect for a bit until they are ready to resume. (If it just isn't happening that day, we can reschedule.) You don't need to worry about directing your child to look at the camera and smile. I will be looking for the unposed interactions as well as the eye contact and smiles. Those things will happen naturally as your kiddo becomes more comfortable. Generally, I will continue to shoot until I no longer have enough light or the kiddos (or parents) are showing signs of being "done".


After the Session:

I will go through all shots to select the photos to hand-edit and retouch. I generally provide a mixture of color, black and white, and collages. All editing decisions are made at my artistic discretion.


You can expect to see a few "teasers" on Facebook (if desired) within a week of the session or sooner. I will have your portraits completely edited and sent to you electronically within 2-4 weeks, in most cases.