Composition Assignment {Houston Senior Portraits Photographer}
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Saturday, March 17, 2012
By Melissa Murray
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This is my 3rd week in Brooke Snow's Photography Workshop and this week we focused (pun intended) on Composition.  Our assignment was to post 3 photos using different elements of composition: lines, shapes, color, patterns, framing, simplicity, texture, etc.  I had a photoshoot this week with our babysitter, so I tried to be mindful of our assignment during the shoot.  



Hope 1 web wm

I was trying to frame her with the red flowers.  Not sure if I actually achieved that or not.  I do think it was a good use of color with the red of flowers echoing the red in her hair.  



Hope 3 web wm

This image is a decent representation of "lines" in a photo.  I like how the swings lead to her.  Plus the chains on the swing she's sitting frame her face, in a way.


Rule of Thirds:

Hope 2 web wm

I think this photo uses the rule of thirds pretty well.  Her pretty face is right in the crosshairs of the grid.  I use this element of composition a lot, and I have recently been getting better about composing the shot in camera, rather than by cropping in editing.  All of the pictures I submitted today were composed in camera.  (Yay!)

{This post is from 2012, exibiting work with my Canon 7D. For a more up-to-date representation of my skills and current equpment (Canon 5D iii), please check out my Facebook page.}  

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