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Wednesday, March 07, 2012
By Melissa Murray
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I had such a fun time with Kim and Tanner this past weekend.  Kim and I know each other from our days in Oklahoma at Mounds Junior High School.  She was in my Girl Scout troop!  Isn't it wild that we found each other again on Facebook (20-ish years later) and we were both on the East Coast only 2 hours away?!  I'm so glad she came down for a session.  We had a great time and she is a natural in front of the camera. (Hello, THOUSAND WATT SMILE!)  Her sweet basset hound, Tanner, was a handful and oh so sweet.  I'm glad I was able to get some good pics of him.  What a sweet sad face.  I think he decided he needed to keep me on my toes so I didn't get lazy while photographing a cooperative adult! Ha.

Kim 16 web wm

Kim 18 web wm

Kim 13 bw web wm

Kim 8 fb wm

Kim 15 web wm

Kim 5 web wm

Kim 2 web wm

Kim 19 web wm

Kim 3 web wm

Kim 12 web wm

Kim 6 web wm


{This post is from 2012, exibiting work with my Canon 7D. For a more up-to-date representation of my skills and current equpment (Canon 5D iii), please check out my Facebook page.}